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The Archaeological Site of Dzalisa, Georgia: New Discoveries from the Time of Shapur III

Goderdzi Narimanishvili, Touraj Daryaee

Pages 179 - 198

Cultural relations between Georgia and Iran, according to the archaeological materials, started in remote antiquity and it became better documented from the Achaemenid period. One of the most interesting and intense eras of Geor¬gian-Iranian relations is during the time of the Sasanian Empire (224-651 ce). This contact in late antiquity is not only clear from the literary sources, but also from the archaeological excavations in Georgia, where many Sasanian ar¬tifacts have been discovered. Recent excavations by Goderdzi Narimanishvili has resulted in new evidence for Sasanian presence at an importance juncture in Georgian history in late antiquity. The site of Dzalisa, near the village by the same name in the municipality of Mtskhetais which was built on both banks of Narekvavi River, 20 kilometers North-West from Mtskheta town, attests to the historical development of fourth century CE in the Caucasus.


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