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Volume 1 (2022), Issue 1

Front Matter

Introduction. “Eine Sasanidische Zeitschrift” (in English)

Shervin Farridnejad

A Zoroastrian Cult Scene on Sasanian Stucco Reliefs at Bandiyān (Daregaz, Khorāsān-e Razavī)

Samra Azarnouche

Page 1 - 28

Sasanian Rituals and their Continuity in the Avestan Liturgical Manuscripts: the Double Āb-Zōhr of the Dō-Hōmāst

Alberto Cantera

Page 29 - 40

In Search of Lost Time: The Fratarakās and the Genealogy of Sasanian Ancestry

Touraj Daryaee

Page 41 - 56

“Under the Banner of the Mane”. Pahlavi Letters and the Sasanian Art of Epistolography. An Unpublished Pahlavi Papyrus Letter from Sasanian Egypt, P.Pehl. 569

Shervin Farridnejad

Page 57 - 79

“Sasanian Textiles” and the Tang Cosmopolitan Style

Mariachiara Gasparini

Page 81 - 97

The Coming of the Arabs to Iran

James Howard-Johnston

Page 99 - 126

Überlegungen zur Avesta-Transmission in der Sasanidenzeit

Götz König

Page 127 - 156

Zur Bedeutung der Pahlavi-Übersetzung des Avesta für die Zoroastrismusforschung. Notizen zu Arash Zeinis Studie über das Pahlavi Yasna Haptaŋhāiti

Götz König

Page 157 - 177

‘Ganymede and the Eagle’: Representations of Spiritual Ascent in the Greater Iranian World from Late Antiquity to the Medieval Period

Sara Kuehn

Page 179 - 205

Beyond the Gate: Alans, Sasanians and the Caucasus

Paolo Ognibene

Page 207 - 214

Between Semantics and Pragmatics: Origins and Developments in the Meaning of dastgerd

A New Approach to the Problem

Antonio Panaino

Page 215 - 242

Antoine-Isaac Silvestre de Sacy and the Study of Tāq-e Bostān

Daniel T. Potts

Page 243 - 258

The Justinianic Plague and Sasanian Iran: the Numismatic Evidence

Nikolaus Schindel

Page 259 - 276

Aramaic Legal Terminology in the Sasanian Law-Book Mādayān ī Hazār Dādestān: Some Remarks on Late Antique Legal termini technici

Hossein Sheikh

Page 277 - 290

The Hermeneutics of Political Violence in Sasanian Iran: the Death of Mani and the Seizure of Manichaean Property

Yuhan Sohrab-Dinshaw Vevaina

Page 291 - 322

Sasanian Festivals in the Documents from the “Pahlavi Archive”

Dieter Weber

Page 323 - 345

Recommend Sasanian Studies: Late Antique Iranian World